2015 NACo Technology Innovation Summit

Cyber Security

Panel I: Cyber Security
This session provides the latest trends in cyber security; offers techniques to manage risk; discusses how to engage decision makers and get appropriate funding; and introduces a free tool for assessing, planning and implementing cyber security controls in your county.

U.S. Communities Procurement Spotlight: Fairfax County

Panel II: U.S. Communities Procurement Spotlight: How Fairfax County Navigates the Ever Changing and Complex Telecommunications Landscape
The panel discusses how Fairfax County manages network infrastructure, network capacity planning, and mobile voice and data networks, as well as their future outlook

Building 21st Century Government

Luncheon Presentation  –  Building 21st Century Government
Since 2011, Code for America has worked with 32 local governments through their Fellowship program, using technology and new ways of working to deliver more effective, efficient, and fair government fit for the 21st century.  Through these Fellowships, they have identified seven principles that are critical for governments of any size, structure, or political persuasion in serving their communities. Code for America helps local governments learn and apply these principles to important problems.  Jen Pahlka, founder and executive director of Code for America, a national nonprofit, will share examples of where and how these principles are impacting the way local governments do business and better serve residents, as well as reflecting on her own year of service where she served as Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House.

Talking Trash: An Innovative Approach to Waste Management Waste Management

Panel III: Talking Trash: An Innovative Approach to Waste Management
Over the last several years at NACo Technology Innovation Summits, you have listened to the virtues of cloud computing, data analytics and “the Internet of things.” For this session, rather than delving into the intricacies of these buzz words, you’ll discover how one local government is using all these technologies to help solve a real business problem: To reduce the need for landfills while building a more sustainable community.

Strategies Counties Use to Attract and Retain a New Generation of IT Professionals

Panel IV: Strategies Counties Use to Attract and Retain a New Generation of IT Professionals
During this panel, the experts discuss how a culture of innovation can help attract and retain new talent.

NACo’s Technology and Innovation Summit is a live all-day event on the first day of the 2015 NACo Legislative Conference.  Held on February 21st, the event featured expert panelists and keynote speakers on a range of topics from innovative approaches to waste management to protecting your county from a cyberattack.

Unable to attend the conference?  Watch the Technology Innovation Summit online – above, you will find the recording of each session.  Also, be sure to keep the discussions going.  Head over to the County Innovation Network (COIN) and take to Twitter using #2015TechSummit.