Optimizing Health, Justice and Public Safety in Your County

This past January, NACo held a joint Healthy Counties Initiative, Smart Justice and Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee forum in Charleston S.C. This special video podcast takes a look at two of the issues discussed during the forum: addressing racial and ethnic disparities in the justice system, and the intersection of behavioral health and justice systems.

During the podcast, we hear from Commissioner Joan Garner and Commissioner Katie “Kay” Cashion, respective chairs of the NACo Healthy Counties Initiative Advisory Board and NACo Justice and Public Safety Steering Committee, as well as James Bell, founder and executive director of the W. Haywood Burns Institute, and Judge Steve Leifman of the Miami-Dade County Court Criminal Division.

This podcast features information and data presented at during the NACo 2015 Health Justice and Public Safety Forum, including statistics presented by James Bell and Judge Leifman during their sessions.

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