Creating Trauma-Informed Counties


There are some experiences that occur over the course of our childhood that stay with us for a lifetime. For nearly half of the children in the United States ranging from newborns to 17 years of age, these events have been adverse experiences or childhood trauma. Of children aged 12 to 17, almost 1 in 3 have had 2 or more traumatic events according to the National Survey of Children’s Health. Furthermore, the prevalence of childhood trauma ranges across the country from 1 in 5 South Dakotan children having 1 traumatic event to almost 30 percent in Florida and Nevada.

As the entities responsible for protecting, caring for and/or treating children across the country, counties are not only addressing childhood trauma, but also creating trauma-informed communities. Today, you will hear from Wilson County, N.C and San Diego County, CA describe why and how they are creating a trauma-informed culture in their counties.

 This podcast features music from Broke for Free, BOPD, Yacht, Dexter Britain, Chris Zabriskie, Digital Primitives and Podington Bear.

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