Cybersecurity: Voices of the County

As we approach the age of cyber everything, whether in our smart devices, our homes, our business or our government, life in America’s counties is becoming more connected to the internet. NACo continues to be on the forefront of bringing cybersecurity awareness to counties. Today we hear three different stories concerning cyber, and the experts joining share their experiences and opinions around cybersecurity in counties.

Helen Purcell, Maricopa County Recorder, discusses cybersecurity and how a denial of service attack disrupted the county’s election of 2012.

Oakland County CIO/Deputy Executive Director, Phil Bertolini engages Albany County Legislator Brian Clenahan about his advocacy and legislation on Cyberbullying.  Phil Bertolini also sits down with Steve Hurst, Director of Security Services at AT&T about emerging cybersecurity issues essential to elected county officials and IT practitioners.

This podcast features music from Yacht, Christian Bjoerklund, Chris Zabriskie, Jahzzar, Digital Primitives, Northbound, Holy Coast and Broke For Free.

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