Resiliency in New Orleans: The Urban Water Plan

In order to remain healthy, vibrant, safe and economically competitive, America’s counties must be able to anticipate and adapt to all types of change.  Coastal Louisiana is one part of the country that is taking strides to adapt and strengthen its resiliency in the face of threats from increasingly severe weather events.

Composed of ten parishes with over 1 million residents, Greater New Orleans Inc, or GNO Inc. for short, is southeast Louisiana’s economic development organization. Given the importance of water to the region’s culture and economy, in 2010 the state of Louisiana provided funding to GNO Inc. to develop the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan. The Urban Water Plan represents a region-wide effort to explore and invest in smart and sustainable water-related infrastructure.

Robin Barnes, Executive Vice President and COO of Greater New Orleans Inc., joins the podcast to discuss the Urban Water Plan and explain its implications for the Southeast Louisiana region.

This podcast includes music by Latch Swing, Digital Primitives, Christian Bjoerklund, and Chris Zabriskie.

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